>Career guidance and democratic participation

Career guidance and democratic participation

Guidance as a social contract. Preventive role of career guidance and career education as a measure to promote active citizenship and inclusion.  Active (world/global) citizenship as part of career development? The role of career guidance and counselling on todays’ critical issues on democracy, participation and environment.

Contributions in this area should think beyond contemporary practice in career guidance and consider how the field can connect more deeply with the values of democratic societies and democratic participation.

Possible questions to be addressed:

  • What is the role of career guidance and career education in supporting democratic values such as respect, solidarity, freedom, openness and social justice?
  • In which ways can we understand the emancipatory aspect of career guidance?
  • What are democratic approaches in guidance practices and policies?
  • How can guidance promote active citizenship?
  • What can we do as guidance community in times of risk to sustainable life on the planet?
  • How are the voices of clients, communities, practitioners heard?
  • What is the role of guidance in preventing and countering fascism and extremism?
  • How could career guidance support democratic engagement, such as volunteering (volunteering as an exercise of democracy)?
  • Career counsellors as agents of change?
  • Is guidance meaningful only in a democratic dialogue?

… and other possible topics for discussion