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ERASMUS+ funding

ERASMUS+ funding

The organisation team of the 2019 IAEVG Conference has prepared two training courses within the conference programme to ensure that higher education staff working in Erasmus+ Programme or Partner Country may apply for an Erasmus+ grant and other funding opportunities.

In case of approval of funding by a sending institution, participant will receive an Erasmus+ grant as a contribution to the costs for travel and subsistence during the period abroad. The grant, however, cannot be used to cover the conference registration fee. The final grant amount depends on country-specific conditions and financial capacities of a sending institution.

Training courses

Training courses come in two alternatives, so even the experts conducting workshops/presentations may register for the alternative course.

The two proposed training modules are:

  1. Career guidance tackling discrimination and marginalisation in higher educa­tion
  2. Training of career guidance practitioners – design and components of career guidance study programmes

Both courses will be spread into 3 days of the conference programme (September 11-13). A detailed timetable of each module will be handed over to participants at the conference registration desk on September 11.

Upon completing a training module, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

For more content-related information see the Courses description document.


No fees for course enrollment will be charged.

Since the training courses are provided as part of the conference programme, participants should cover the conference registration fee. For more information see IAEVG 2019 International Conference Registration.


After filling in the bellow registration form, participant wil receive a pre-registration approval. With this approval, participant should approach an Erasmus+ coordinator at his or her University to inquire about availability of Erasmus+ funds for staff training opportunities. The decision to release the funding for this specific activity is entirely up to the administration of the sending institution based on its internal procedures and capacities.

If approved, participant shall register through standard registration procedure at the registration website and pay the registration fee. Participant will receive a confirmation of registration within 3 working days from completing the payment.

Supported by Slovak Scientific and Educational Grant Agency (VEGA 1/0620/16 Psycholog­ical determinants of activity and participation of children and adolescents with disabilities educated in integrated/inclusive education settings).