>Challenges of gamification in school career guidance

Challenges of gamification in school career guidance

This paper presents desk research of online career guidance games devoted to school pupils aged 12-14 that are standing before difficult task of finding out their own educational and vocational orientation and choosing a follow-up study path.

The use of computers and the introduction of the Internet have been advancing career guidance since 1960, concerns access to career guidance information, skills assessment tools, linking online client to career guidance counsellor, etc. The use of these systems facilitates accessibility and awareness of the world of work, increased self-awareness, increased confidence in education and career opportunities (Harris-Bowlsbey, 2013).There is quite a lot of computer-assisted career guidance systems available on internet in several languages. Most of them are devoted to adult population, are based on sets of questions, lack the fun factor, and are long and therefore for school pupils aged 12-14 boring and inappropriate.

Another possibility offers gamification, which is term for using game-like elements in non-gaming situations. Games are effective and enjoyable way to support learning experiences, and are especially useful in triggering learning, knowledge structuring and cognitive change in children (Bounfour & Edvinsson, 2012). However, there do not appear to be many games developed or deployed in the area of career guidance in schools. The publicly available games will be assessed and compared as to their aims, goals, structure, information base, user friendliness, etc.

The desk research has three goals. First goal is to find the best example of career guidance game which can be developed for the Czech school pupils ages 12-14. Second goal is to enhance the game’s author / owner to consider further development of their product. Third goal is to present the most interesting, comprehensive and innovative career guidance games and discuss them at the Bratislava IAEVG 2019 conference.