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Gideon Arulmani

Gideon works at the Promise Foundation in India. He is the founder-trustee of the Indian Association for Career and Livelihood Planning, and Vice President of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance. He also works as visiting senior lecturer at the Canterbury Christ Church University (UK), visiting professor at the Martin Luther Christian University (India) and holds the post of international fellow at NICEC (Cambridge, UK), and Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research (Michigan, USA). Gideon is also regularly contracted as international development consultant by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Unicef and ILO, and executed assignments for these agencies in 36 countries of the world.

We invited Gideon to give us his extensive insight on career guidance in countries and societies, where the idea of career is quite alien. We were also interested in discussing about the Jiva approach to career counselling and the cultural preparedness model.

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