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Lenka Martinkovičová

Lenka Martinkovičová, PhD., is currently working at Research Institute for Child Psychology and Patopsychology as coordinator for activity „Education and development of human resources in system of educational counselling and prevention“ in National project „Standardization of system of counselling and prevention towards inclusion and success on the labour market“. She worked for few years as a consultant for Euroguidance centre in Slovakia. She is co-founder of Slovak Association for Career Guidance and Career Development as well as (Slovak) Institute for Dialogical Practices. She teaches courses at Comenius University in Bratislava. Her areas of professional interest are focused on socio-constructivist approaches in career guidance and psychology. Her dissertation was dealing with topics of career management and career construction. She also underwent several trainings in the field of career guidance (CH-Q management of competences, coaching in career guidance etc.).