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Jessie Koen

Jessie Koen works as an associate professor at the department of Work & Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. In her research, she explores the future of careers. She aims to uncover how people can pursue a sustainable career in a labor market characterized by precarious work, digitalization, and changing economic conditions. Jessie Koen has published her work in top-tier journals and has received multiple awards and grants for her work (see www.jessiekoen.com).


  • University of Amsterdam, Department of Work & Organizational Psychology;
  • Future of Work Institute, Curtin University, Perth, Australia;
  • Centre of Expertise on the Future of job security, University of Amsterdam.

In her talk, Jessie will discuss several ways in which we can help workers to experience more job security despite the threats in today’s and tomorrow’s labour market. She will also talk about how we may ‘break’ the negative spiral of job insecurity that lower educated workers often face.

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