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Anna Hogenová

Anna Hogenová is Czech philosopher and phenomenologist. She is the head of the Department of Philosophy and Ethics of the Faculty of Education, Charles University, and also the head of the Department of Philosophy at the Hussite Theological Faculty of the Charles University. She is a mother of three children. In her works and lectures she also treats phenomena such as performance-based society, self-knowledge, authenticity and hope.

We invited Mrs. Hogenová to enlarge our horizon and discuss several ideas that can help us analyze the current society: Liquid society, loosening of human relationships and ties. Dissipation of man into a quantity of tasks and roles, self-loss, burnout, the role of the “state of rush”. Crisis of certainties in postmodern era, digital thinking and factual thinking, necessity of self-recollection and taking ownership of oneself at the time of “overpowering”. Calmness of soul and its role today. Need to understand, not just have information; the necessity of life from one’s own spring.